Monthly Archives: August 2017

Public Health in Serbia & Bosnia-Herzegovina

The public health systems in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina both follow the Bismarck model of healthcare in which citizens are covered with state funded insurance. In Serbia, there is one Health Insurance Fund that uses compulsory contributions from employers, employees and the state to cover insurance for the population. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, funding for health coverage is… Read more »

My study abroad experience in BiH

I still remember the first day we got in BiH. The nature was very inviting, and I couldn’t wait to settle down and explore the city. I was still a little bit sad because I enjoyed my time in Serbia and I wasn’t ready to start over again in familiarizing myself with a new place…. Read more »

The Mountains Echo

Welcome to Sarajevo. It is now week 3, and I have had some time to become acquainted with this city after the bittersweet departure from Belgrade. Everything here is much different. Sarajevo is much smaller than Belgrade with less of an urban feel. However, the smallness of this valley city brings everything closer together which… Read more »