I still remember the first time I came the United states. I was so excited to be going to another continent, and I made a mental note that Europe should be the next continent to go to. When I found out that I had gotten in the Northwestern Study Abroad program in Serbia and Bosnia, I was so excited that my dream to go to Europe was coming true. Also having an opportunity to visit these countries was so exciting because I am from a country that went through war 23 years ago, and I knew I would learn a lot from these countries because they also went through the same tragedy.

In addition, as a Global health minor, I wasn’t just excited about the similarities these countries have with my country, I was also excited about learning about the public health sectors in both countries and how they operate to ensure good health outcomes for the population.

Now that the time to leave is approaching, I am sitting in my room making plans. I want to try the local cuisine, I have to go to at least one cultural event in each country, and I have to make local friends. I need to learn the basic words such as greetings, thank you, I am sorry, etc. My only concern is that people there won’t speak English, but then again I am going with other Northwestern students and google says that most people there are fluent in English. I can barely contain my excitement but I still need to pack.

My empty suitcase waiting for me to pack!!