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Becoming One with Mexico

Here I am, with less than a week before my adventures in Mexico come to an end. This has been one of my favorite summers and will always be in my memories. I still can’t believe my first out of country stay was for eight weeks in Mexico! It didn’t take me much to adjust to the culture of this country because I am from a Latino family, however there were many times where my American and Salvadoran cultures I grew up with differed from that of the Mexican culture. The hardest adjustment for me was having to ditch my shorts and wear pants most of the time I left my host mom’s house. Trust me, it’s not as bad as you think it would be like. It just sounds dreadful. Another adjustment I had to make was to follow a more defined schedule, like eating dinner with everyone at exactly 8:30 or having the exact same class schedule as a few people. It wasn’t like the Northwestern jumble of everyone heading to different classes at different times with different professors. This really allowed for us to bond the way we did. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when our host mom asked us to make dinner, and I tried to teach her how to make pupusas while also learning myself how to make them. I sent a picture to my mom and she said I did better than she thought I would.

Cooking Dinner for My Host Mom

I didn’t think I would feel so close to the country as I have become. I want to stay but at the same time I miss my friends and family as well as all the American food like deep dish pizza. I have begun to do a little bit of packing and realized I may have bought too many things to bring back, both gifts for friends and items for me to keep and remember Mexico through. There’s just so many things that are fascinating in Mexico. I will miss this place and all the people. I hope to return one day soon!

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