An Unforgettable Experience

It has been about a month since returning home from Mexico, and despite how ready I was to return home after two months abroad, a part of me misses the time I spent there. It has been nice spending time with my family and friends back at home, but at the same time, I miss the family and friends I made during my time in Mexico. For the two months that I spent in Mexico, my host family welcomed me with open arms, and treated me as one of their own. The students of Universidad Panamericana also welcomed us with open arms and made sure to make us feel at home, and show us around the place they call home. Before going to Mexico, I felt like I barely knew anything about Mexican culture, and the only real learning experience I had dealing with Mexican culture came from Spanish classes I had taken in the past. However, now I feel like I have learned a great deal about a group of people who make up a large portion of the population in the United States. One of the things that I miss the most is exploring the unknown. Going into the summer program, I had never gone to Mexico, or a Spanish speaking country and to be honest, I knew little about the places to go see and the things to do in Mexico City. However spending so much time exploring the historical locations and archeological sites of Mexico was such a surreal experience. My two months in Mexico were nothing short of special, and I am grateful to all the people who helped make that experience an unforgettable one. Mexico will always be a special place to me, and in the future I hope to return and visit the country that treated me so well.13691102_10206112219274060_2415256940283386105_o