Did I Forget Anything?

Here I am eight weeks later, packing my bags, but it still hasn’t hit me that I am leaving in a couple more hours to go back to my family, which I haven’t seen in two months. I can’t make up my mind if this trip lasted forever, or if it went by fast. However one thing is for certain, I am gonna miss this place. I feel that through out my stay I have adjusted to many of the cultural norms, and not gonna lie, it might feel a little weird not having tortillas at the dinner table back home. It feels like yesterday that I was sitting in my room, the night before my flight, trying to figure out what I still needed to pack. That night, thoughts were running through my head wondering what my experience would be like, or how I would adjust to Mexico during my eight weeks there. I never thought I would have gotten so use to this country. I have become fond of the small things, and I know I am going to miss them come time to leave. The metro ride home, and the walk back to the house in Mexico, is just one of the small things that has become almost second nature to me during my eight weeks, and one of the many things I am going to miss. I would never have been able to get so adjusted to Mexico if it weren’t for the amazing people who welcomed me with arms wide open. From the amazing host family who quickly loved me as one of their own, or the awesome Universidad Panamericana students who were always willing to give us their time and show us around Mexico City. I know that when I take my last ride in Mexico City to the airport, it’s going to hit me how much I am going to miss all the people I’ve met, and the city that I have become so familiar with. However, until that car ride, I’m gonna go ahead and look through my room like ten times to make sure I haven’t left any socks behind.13691044_10206120202673640_8461965569354076935_o