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Going to miss the little things!


One of my favorite color schemes I saw in Mexico. Seen on my walk to school.

My time in Mexico City is coming to an end, so naturally, I’ve been reminiscing on all the incredible experiences I’ve had. It would be impossible to recount all of them, so I’m going to focus on one of the many things I’ll miss. I remember one of the first things that made me fall in love with Mexico were the colors on the buildings and houses throughout the city.


Our host mom’s beautiful pink home!


Colorful street in Malinalco

I remember it was around midnight when I arrived at my host mom’s house for the first time and I was struck by the way her house’s vibrant pink façade stood out in the darkness. I had only ever seen such a color on one house back in Chicago, and every time my mom and I would drive past it, we’d wonder how someone could possibly live in such a brightly colored home. But I think after spending time in Mexico, I will appreciate the few brightly colored homes I see around Chicago. I’ve realized this aesthetic has the potential to bring joy to any drab day. I notice this when we walk to school in the morning or when it’s raining. These vibrant structures really do seem to liven up any sluggish morning or sad rainy day. And even though I’m really going to miss this small detail about Mexico, it’s definitely not the only thing I’ll keep in my heart. I had so many educational and cultural lessons that I can’t process yet, so for now, I’ll stick to thinking about the immediate spaces around me that I’ll miss the most.

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