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Muchas Catedrales

“There’s only two weeks left?”-Basically how everyone in the program feels at this point. Everyone always tells you that your time abroad will go by fast, but it really feels like I just moved in to my home stay just a week ago. However, looking back at the past six weeks, I have no doubt that I have used my time to the best of my ability. Reflecting on all the things I have done so far, I believe my favorite part of my study abroad experience here in Mexico so far was the weekend trip to Puebla. As part of the program, we spent two nights in Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is the fourth largest city in Mexico, but was a great change of pace from the chaos of Mexico City. As much as I have enjoyed my time in Mexico City, it’s unreal at times how crowded the city is. Going to Puebla allowed me to see another side of Mexico. Puebla is a city rich in history, from the archeological sites, to the magnificent cathedrals, which mirrored Spain’s colonial dominance at the time. Cathedrals here in Mexico have a significant place in the history and architecture of the country. For example, just in Puebla alone we visited three different cathedrals, from cathedrals in the downtown area, to even a cathedral in the mountains. Each Cathedral was unique in its own way, however each one was grand and flaunted vast amounts of gold and silver. The archeological sites however provided a historically insight from a time before colonialism. In the end, the trip to Puebla was a great experience, and I hope to come back and visit again one day.

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