Tel HaShomer: Exploring Israel’s Largest Medical Center

A visit to Israel’s Center for Disease Control revealed what public health at Israel’s largest medical center looks like. For James and Mike, it shed light on how a country practically addresses controversial global issues.

“The trip to the ICDC gave us such a foundational background into some of the primary programs of the Israeli Ministry of Health. My group spent time with the director of the nutrition programs, and it was fascinating to learn more about what public health departments and governments can do to promote good nutrition among youths, an issue that seems to be controversial throughout the world.” – James

“We learned about the recent polio scare and how the ICDC combatted it by reintroducing immunizations. We also spoke of the difficulties that health agencies like ICDC face when trying to implement mass immunization programs. The visit gave us an idea of how the MoH practically addresses the public health issues in Israel.” – Mike