Disaster Relief and Deeper Connections

Search and rescue missions demand action even when there are no “good” choices. When students completed a rescue course with a local trainer, they dove into these challenging decisions and found that disaster relief can create deeper connections.

Watch NU students to the rescue on Vimeo here!

 “Our trainer was named Noam and is a part of a private search and rescue team. We learned how to move casualties. We talked about many of the challenges that arise in disaster relief. For example, rescuers often have to make quick decisions and can only save a certain number of people. Often there are no ‘good’ choices. Throughout the whole experience, I was imagining being in a real disaster and how difficult the work is, especially with the pressure and stress of peoples’ lives being at stake.” – Mike

“This was one of my favorite trips we’ve taken over the course of the program. Noam was very patient and engaged and made everything we were doing really enjoyable. Not only did we learn how to respond after an earthquake, but I left the site feeling as though I had gained mechanical, leadership and team skills. Even more surprising, we’ve been interacting at a deeper level ever since!” – Rebecca

“The rescue course was amazing. It had us work together to get something done and highlighted the importance of communication in order to be most effective. The disaster simulation was what I was looking forward to the most and it is a big part of why I decided to do the public health program in Israel.” – Robbie