The Arab Sector: Managing Health Disparaties of Diverse Populations

 Diana and Robbie’s visit to the Arab Sector, Umm Al-Fahm, the Tul Karm Check Post and Israel’s “Narrow Waist” exposed both a region’s separation and a community’s motivation. In an area of escalating conflict and changing trust, one word held constant: “remarkable.”

“The government and the system didn’t address their needs sufficiently, so they found a way to do it. The clinics that they established were incredible to see and the people who were directing them were remarkable in their commitment. The separation wall was a powerful testament to the degree that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has escalated, and the distrust that the Israelis feel towards the Palestinians even though they live in the same community.” – Diana

“We have learned about the health disparities between the Jewish and Arab communities and we have learned about the refugee situation and it’s just sort of disheartening to see how situations mirror themselves in multiple countries. This is the first time I am getting a chance to interact with other minorities of a different country and it’s remarkable to see how similar we can be in terms of our motivations and our goals.” –Robbie