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One Month In

Bonsoir! It’s Sunday evening here in Paris, and I’m finally taking some time to sit down and stream-of-consciousness out some little sentences that will eventually get strung together into a coherent blog post. But first, some scene-setting: it’s cold, gray, been sprinkling all day, and I feel mildly sick. But I also had one of… Read more »

Pre-Departure: Les Plans

I’m writing this post while on the Intercampus shuttle home after my last full day of work this summer. In my backpack are a few books, assorted pens (taken from my work desk, of course), and four printed maps of Paris’ public transit system. I’d love to be able to tune out and read, but,… Read more »

Reflection after a Long Quarter

It’s taken me forever to get around to writing this post, and for that, I am sorry. From the very beginning of the quarter, I was crazy busy, and it never really got better. From sorority and internship recruitment to my independent study and extracurricular work, every second of this quarter seemed to be full… Read more »

A Very International Thanksgiving

Many of the apartments that our fellow students live in are pitifully small. My roommate Kelsey and I, along with our flatmate Sofia, were extremely fortunate to get an apartment with a separate (huge) kitchen and living room, and so we decided back in October that for Thanksgiving we were going to invite all our… Read more »

Même pas peur

by Annalie Jiang   Of course this is still a fairly sensitive topic but as many of you know, it has been two weeks since the tragedies that took place the night of the 13th. Yesterday I happened to be in the area of République, not far from the sites of the attacks, and stumbled… Read more »

A Response to the Recent Attacks in Paris

By now, I’m sure that all of you have heard about the terrorist attacks that have hit our city. I’ve spent the last week mulling over everything that’s happened, trying to come to terms with the fact that for the first time in my entire life, I was less than two miles away from a… Read more »

Oh hello, autumn.

by Annalie Jiang   Oh la la..November has completely snuck up on me. I have just realized that the semester is more than halfway over, and that it gets dark by 6pm now. How did the time fly by like this!? Often, the first impression I get from cities like Paris when I arrive that they… Read more »


by Savannah Birnbaum The semester so far feels a lot like walking up a down-moving escalator.  I must do everything! Go everywhere! Have the most effortlessly awesome Facebook photos! But school and time and life and money and—agh! I have the best problems, I know. Of course I’ve lately been consumed by adjustments to a bilingual course… Read more »


The first few weeks of this trip have been a flurry of paperwork and a healthy dose of confusion, chock full of conversations with folks back home just to check in and convince them I’m still alive. That last part will be a learning curve, I think. I have  joined the debate club (because I know that’s… Read more »

Living in the City of Lights

It’s now been one month since I landed in Paris, and it’s been a whirlwind. Although I was told that France would be an entirely different experience, it wasn’t until I had lived here for a few weeks that I began to see just how true that was. I still walk to school, but instead… Read more »