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Is There More to Life Than Just Aperitivo?

Aperitivo, noun: paying a set price (5-12€), receiving a drink and unlimited food (read: every college kid’s dream). One of the most amazing ways to gather with friends without the hassle of “who’s ordering what,” aperitivo is one of the best ways to enjoy the Milan lifestyle. Because Milan is a developed and rather industrial big city, getting… Read more »

Unexpected Espressos

My pasticceria had just put out some fresh brioche, knowing I had to grab one on the way to school. The pastry chef spoke not a lick of English, but we chatted away while I had my morning espresso, rushing out at the last moment with my usual chocolate croissant in hand. “Ciao, ciao! Buona… Read more »

Clear skies & more travels

Sofia Falzoni, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2012 November passed by so quickly! It was a rainy month, but December has welcomed super chilly weather and clear skies. Since there are only two more weeks of my program left, I’ve been thinking a lot about going home, but also a lot about all that’s here that… Read more »

Jump in

Lauren Tindal, Bocconi Exchance, Fall 2012 Study abroad, for me, was kind of like jumping into a pool. You wait and wait and wait, toes on the edge of the concrete. Then you go, and there’s that one moment of release, when you jump, eyes closed and nose plugged, hovering midair for the faintest second… Read more »