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Reflection after a Long Quarter

It’s taken me forever to get around to writing this post, and for that, I am sorry. From the very beginning of the quarter, I was crazy busy, and it never really got better. From sorority and internship recruitment to my independent study and extracurricular work, every second of this quarter seemed to be full… Read more »

My Last Days in Europe

As I write these words, I’m sitting in the airport in Dublin (where I’ve had to go through security twice since stepping off the plane!), awaiting my return plane to Chicago (and then onto Columbus, Ohio). I’ve left Paris for the last time—or at least until I return again, which is at a yet unknown… Read more »

A Very International Thanksgiving

Many of the apartments that our fellow students live in are pitifully small. My roommate Kelsey and I, along with our flatmate Sofia, were extremely fortunate to get an apartment with a separate (huge) kitchen and living room, and so we decided back in October that for Thanksgiving we were going to invite all our… Read more »

Living in the City of Lights

It’s now been one month since I landed in Paris, and it’s been a whirlwind. Although I was told that France would be an entirely different experience, it wasn’t until I had lived here for a few weeks that I began to see just how true that was. I still walk to school, but instead… Read more »

I don’t want to leave!

Audrey Telfer, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2014 I am now firmly in the second half of the semester at Sciences Po. We just had our autumn break and now I have several term papers and final exams awaiting me in the next month and a half. All of the sudden, I’m terrified I won’t be… Read more »

The Dreaded Exposé

Audrey Telfer, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2014   I have become all too familiar with the dreaded exposé. It was the first thing they taught us in the Welcome Week program: how to prepare an exposé. An exposé is an oral presentation with a partner, usually lasting 10 or 20 minutes, which is structured like… Read more »

Strikes: The French Way of Life

Audrey Telfer, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2014 The French love their strikes. Last Sunday, I was sitting in my homestay’s living room finishing up some homework, when my host, Sylvie, came running through the back door straight to the TV. She put on the news, which was discussing the Air France pilots’ strike. The strike… Read more »

French rudeness and Artisanal Pride

Romain Sinclair, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 The service industry in France, or at least Paris, seems to have fundamentally different goals than that of the comparable industry in the United States.  By service industry I am referring to mostly artisan jobs- think of bakeries, butchers, cheese producers, fishermen- but also restaurant servers and other… Read more »

Going out in style

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 This is my last week in Paris and I want to make it one of my best. My classes ended on December 2nd, and after traveling with friends for a week on a whirlwind adventure from Istanbul to Frankfurt to London, I am back in Paris and ready… Read more »

Hosting and Being Hosted

Amy Glazier-Torgerson, Sciences Po Exchange, Fall 2013 I always knew that I wanted a home stay to be a key piece of my semester abroad, because in high school my family had amazing experiences hosting international students through a program with my high school. In total, we hosted three exchange students– from France, Colombia, and… Read more »