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Just a Small Girl in a Big World

161566The National University of Singapore is huge. I think after two years of college at Northwestern University I was used to a campus where the tip of the campus and the lowest point of the campus could be reached in 20 minutes walking. And the closest CTA station was only 4-5 minutes away (here, the… Read more »

Campus Life at PUC

Every school day I commute for about an hour to campus and another hour back. After making such a long journey to campus, I stay there. Sometimes I find a nice patch of grass and lay in the sun to read for my literature class. Sometimes I go to the library to get some homework… Read more »

School Life at PUC

 Michael Aleman, PUC Exchange, Fall 2012 Classes are split into modules, with 8 modules of 80 minutes each used as placeholders for classes. There is a universal hourlong break for lunch, although students can eat before or after the established. Microwaves are located all around the campus, as the majority of students commute from home… Read more »