Registration at UCL

Forget everything you know about registration at Northwestern. The process for registering for classes at University College London (UCL) is completely different. Enrollment appointment, doesn’t exist. Registering completely online, doesn’t exist. Relatively straightforward class registration, doesn’t exist. In order to study abroad at UCL you must pick at least one department you would like to belong to. Though, you are allowed to be a part of two departments. A full class schedule at UCL consists of 4 classes per semester. You must take at least half of your class load within your department(s), the remaining load can be taken within any department of your choosing at UCL. UCL has a very interesting registration process in which you can register for classes anytime you choose (until a few weeks after classes start) after you have successfully enrolled at UCL during the International Student Orientation Programme (ISOP) for Affiliate Students. However, before successfully doing so you must talk to your specific department(s) about whether you will be taking classes outside of your department(s). If you plan on taking classes outside of your department(s) you must also speak to the affiliate tutor or administrator of the other department(s) to obtain permission to take classes within their department. If he/she grants you permission, then you can add the class or classes to your online registration page. After these steps have been taken, you must go speak to your department(s) affiliate tutor or administrator and he/she will be able to successfully enroll you into all of your chosen classes.

Though registration can be somewhat of a nightmare, especially when it comes to meeting all the requirements you have at UCL and at Northwestern, the classes you end up taking will be worth it. The teaching and studying method abroad is very different than the one back home, largely it is more independent. However, experiencing this difference is just another reason why studying abroad is more than worth it.