Brochetas Peligrosas

One hot afternoon after a 3-hour Culture & Society class, a group of girls and I decided to eat lunch at a local cafeteria before returning to CEM for our afternoon activity. I ordered brochetas de cerdo that looked like the best kabobs I had ever seen, artistically skewered into a thick slice of grilled pineapple. Rice and vegetables were included, along with a strange chunk on a separate plate that resembled a nut or stone. Curious, I picked up the mysterious object and immediately dropped it, severely burning my thumb and forefinger in the process. I quickly grabbed my cold water bottle to alleviate the pain. As the cold began to fade, my fingers felt as though they were being electrocuted. Turning to the only girl with a working cell phone, I asked her to call our program director so that I could receive an ice pack or burn medication at our afternoon activity. My “friend” laughed, saying the director “doesn’t care about your burnt fingers.” In pain and extremely frustrated I took the 25-minute walk in the heat back to our house and was fortunate enough to receive a bag of ice from the women working in the kitchen. Besides two scars on my fingers, that afternoon I received three valuable lessons: those we rely on can turn away from you in times of need, we can find generosity in strangers, and finally not to touch anything I’m not sure about!