Heat Wave

Following finals week, I caught a flight back home to New York City. I don’t go home very often, and when I do it’s for a short period of time; so. the question always arises: “When are you leaving?” Family members and friends have grown accustomed to my short visits and they’re excited to hear what I’m doing. Usually, I don’t have very fascinating things to tell them about, it’s usually just: “I’m working, doing research, babysitting, etc.…” Now when I’m asked I get to tell people I’m studying abroad in Cuba; their excitement builds up my own.

New York has been uncomfortably hot these past few days; my mom keeps telling me “You better get used to this kind of heat, you’ll be experiencing this for six weeks.” I have spent the week and a half anticipating my flight from John F. Kennedy to Miami International Airport where I will meet the rest of my Cuba cohort. I’ve been trying to narrow down the books I’m choosing to take with me to read for pleasure…. it’s proving a more difficult task than I thought.

My family is from the Dominican Republic; I’ve visited the island several times with my mom. I remember our two and a half week stay in Santiago with my aunt and uncle, and how we ate avocadoes with every meal. I remember missing things like pancakes and bacon in the morning, but realizing that I was lucky to have three solid meals a day filled with carbs, protein, and fruits/vegetables. I keep imaging Cuba the way I picture the Dominican Republic, but I know there are certainly differences that I’m eagerly anticipating to note. As the day of my flight approaches I’m envisioning Havana street-life and the people that inhabit those streets; how I can’t wait to be in the middle of it.