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Tag: Pre-departure

Exciting Fear and Fearful Excitement

Hi! My name is Josh, and I am a rising sophomore! In a couple days, I’ll be off to Beijing, China from Los Angeles, California. I will be studying at Peking University for two months, where I will be studying Public Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Chinese. While I am excited for what new experiences

New Adventures

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a junior in Weinberg majoring in economics, minoring in global health studies and getting the integrated marketing certificate. My family is from Hangzhou, China, and I was born and raised there until my family moved to Minnesota after I completed third grade. This is my 4th time visiting China

An unforgettable experience

Hi! My name is Maegan Ramchal and I’m a rising junior in Weinberg. I’m studying psychology and environmental sciences. I’ll be doing the IPD Public Health program in Beijing. Right now I’m sitting in my room surrounded by half-packed suitcases and unfolded clothes, but in less than 2 days I’ll be in China! The last

Adventures in Asia, Chapter 2

Aloha! Thanks for visiting this blog. I’m Luis Cartagena, a rising senior in Weinberg, majoring in Earth and Planetary Sciences, and minoring in Global Health. Last summer I spent 7-weeks backpacking in Japan—an absolutely amazing and humbling experience. This summer I return to Asia to write a new chapter in China, where I’ll be studying


Hello! My name is Nina Sedeno and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am a rising junior in Weinberg, currently majoring in International Studies and Political Science. I am thrilled to be spending my summer at Peking University! I chose to study abroad in China for two reasons: (1) to strengthen my language skills and

We Meet Again!

Hi There! My name is Cheron Z. Mims. After closing out a successful junior year, I am now a senior at Northwestern University (whoo-hoo!) studying Anthropology and Political Science with a Brady Scholars certificate. I am currently sitting on my bed reflecting on the past week I have had to spend with my family before

See You In Beijing

Hi! My name is Irene Chang and I am a freshman (rising sophomore) in Weinberg studying Economics and International Studies. Currently, I am back in my hometown of Naperville, Illinois. It is only 45 minutes away from Evanston, so the transition from home to college wasn’t too bad. However, I’m not too sure what the

NU Experience

Hi hi! My name is Grace Hong. I’m a rising sophomore in the School of Communication with a major in communication studies and a minor in Chinese. I am going for the IMC certificate as well. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Troy, Michigan. A lot of people have asked me

NU Year, NU Adventures

Hey! My name is Nina. I am studying economics and business institutions, and I just finished my sophomore year (woohoo). I grew up in New York City, in fact I transferred from NYU, so I just finished my first year at Northwestern four days ago. It was an amazing whirlwind of firsts: living in a dorm and having

See ya in a few Chicago!

Hi! I guess I’ll start with just a few speed-dating type facts about myself. My name is Linda Yu and I’m from Chicago. I am currently a sophomore (rising junior) studying Learning and Organizational Change and Economics, and I’ll be going on IPD’s Public Health in China Program in Beijing. Now, you might be thinking