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New Adventures

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a junior in Weinberg majoring in economics, minoring in global health studies and getting the integrated marketing certificate. My family is from Hangzhou, China, and I was born and raised there until my family moved to Minnesota after I completed third grade. This is my 4th time visiting China… Read more »


When you go through the application process for a study abroad trip, a question you’re bound to be asked is something along the line of, “How do you hope you will grow while you’re on your trip?”. For me, this wasn’t an easy question to answer. How am I supposed to know what I’ll gain… Read more »

Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

I grew a lot in China. While I was checking out on my last day, the lady at the front desk asked me, in Chinese, about some of the junk my roommate left in our room.  I responded, in Chinese, without hesitation.  I didn’t ask her if she could speak English; I didn’t ask anyone… Read more »