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Tag: Final reflection

Reverse Culture Shock

It has now been five weeks since I left Peking University and China. Since then, I have traveled to South Korea and Nicaragua. When I initially left China, I was extremely excited to return to a country where I was familiar with the language and culture; however, I felt myself missing China more than I

Readjustment and Growth

My experiences in China feel like a combination of something that happened eons ago and something that happened only yesterday. Coming back to the States, I’ve already fallen into a routine of working on medical school interviews, catching up with friends, performing time-consuming errands, and working out the kinks of the upcoming school year. So much

My heart is still in China.

It’s been exactly a month since my return home, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Now that I’m back on campus, my friends want to know everything about my time abroad. But the experience I had there simply can’t be described in just a few words. There’s nothing like being in the

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I had high expectations for China. The Political and Economic Development Program looked like it was made for me: it was hosted by my father’s alma mater, it was in my mom’s hometown with all of my relatives, and I LOVE economics, there was no way that it could not be totally perfect. But the

Back home…

September 14, 2016, and it’s been exactly a month since I left Beijing. It’s still hard for me to believe that I spent two months abroad in Beijing. The two months really flew by. It was hard to adjust at first – the language barrier, the different culture, the hot and humid weather, and especially

Craving Niu Rou Mian

After spending an additional four weeks in Guangzhou, I felt ready to return to Chicago (you should have seen the big grin I had upon seeing the beautiful skyline on the plane; I’m sure I scared the passenger next to me). I was eager to go back and missed the familiarity and comfort we all

From the U.S. to China and back to the U.S.

It has been approximately three months since I left for Beijing, and about one month since I have come back. The few months of summer have passed by so quickly that it feels as if it were only a week long. But when I sit down to truly reflect over what has happened in this

A look back at Beijing

It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago I was in the capital of China, eating ridiculously cheap (and delicious) meals, taking advantage of one-kuai bus rides, and sightseeing all over the city. In the month that I’ve been back in the States, I’ve realized that there’s definitely some things I will miss

Final Reflections

Liang Gu, Public Health in China, Summer 2013 I am currently in my hometown visiting my relatives. After the end of the program, I decided to stay in Beijing for a few extra days to meet up with a friend. Whenever I had free time, however, I found myself at Beida because the area was