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Remembering China

Hello! I’ve been back on campus for a week now. I spent 2 more weeks with my family in Hangzhou and returned to Minnesota at the end of August. Leaving China was bittersweet, because I had grown accustomed to the lifestyle, people, and family. It feels very strange to be back and not seeing people

Almost done!

During the last two weeks of this program, I learned more about tuina, which is Chinese massage. There are many techniques, such as rolling manipulation (“rotating the forearm outward and inward in circles to lead to the flexion and extension of the wrist joint”). I really enjoyed being able to try the techniques in class.

Food! Excursions!

I’m back in Hangzhou again for the 4-day break! I am currently finished with my 4 weeks of global health in China class and cannot wait to begin learning about traditional Chinese medicine! I will have a new Chinese teacher when I return to Beijing. I’m enjoying not having to do homework for a couple


It’s been several weeks since the start of the program and I finally feel well-adjusted to my new life at Peking University. A day at Beida usually starts with me walking to get breakfast at the Jianbing store. Jianbing is a savory crisp-fried crepe that contains egg, cilantro, sausage/chicken, and a special sweet sauce. Then

New Adventures

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a junior in Weinberg majoring in economics, minoring in global health studies and getting the integrated marketing certificate. My family is from Hangzhou, China, and I was born and raised there until my family moved to Minnesota after I completed third grade. This is my 4th time visiting China