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Drinking Tea for Class

I was in the Media and IMC program in China, and this summer was different than before summers in structure and learning material. Our very own Northwestern IMC Professor Paul Wang taught the class, and he was the first professor to encourage doodling and creating art for the sake of arousing our imagination during discussion. I personally loved the class.

We had to read case studies of different businesses–family businesses, businesses within China branching outside, foreign businesses trying to enter China, etc. Each story had a different take on what entrepreneurship means, especially for someone to start a business in China.

But my favorite part of the class was none of the things we read. It was the thing we experienced: tea. Professor Wang took us to a family-owned tea shop/education center in Global Village as an excursion for the class. There, we not only learned about the different types of tea and their healing powers on the mind and body but we got to hear first-handedly the story of a family-owned business. The highlight of the excursion was that the story-telling was guided and enhanced by tea. The tea master brew different types of tea, from green to oolong to white to black, as he told us his story and, at least for me, I felt like not just my ears but my entire body was absorbing every word he said.

Oolong tea freshly brewed

Tea, as an integral part of Chinese culture, was definitely a valuable experience for me. Especially as a tea-lover, I learned so much as well enjoyed so much during the excursion!

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