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Recommendations of Places to Visit!

Outside from the daily classes of Chinese language and Public Health, there are many opportunities to explore some of the major tourist attractions in China. Out of all the different places, two of my favorites were the Temple of Heaven and the Beijing Olympic Park. Both are easily accessible, with the most cost efficient method being through the subway and the most comfortable method being by taxi.

The Temple of Heaven is a beautiful complex of religious buildings situated within an area that almost looks like a park. Every aspect of this historical complex is beautiful! When going to the Temple of Heaven, make sure to not only plan to visit all the different buildings, but to also take a casual and relaxing stroll through the beautiful park. After visiting the Temple of Heaven, try visiting the Pearl Market which is right next to the east gate of the Temple of Heaven. Here, you will be able to bargain and purchase some souvenirs for an extremely reasonable price!

The Beijing Olympic Park is also very worthwhile to visit. Here, you can visit the famous Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. The Bird’s Nest is massive, and the Water Cube looks like block of bubbles. My friends and I visited the Olympic Park before sunset, toured the area while the sun was out, and waited for after sunset to tour one more time when the lights on each of the buildings came on. All the buildings look completely different when the lights come on, so I would highly recommend that you plan your trip so that you would be able to see the complexes before and after sunset.

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