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Food! Excursions!

I’m back in Hangzhou again for the 4-day break! I am currently finished with my 4 weeks of global health in China class and cannot wait to begin learning about traditional Chinese medicine! I will have a new Chinese teacher when I return to Beijing. I’m enjoying not having to do homework for a couple of days. In the first 4 weeks, I’ve visited The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and many other museums and places. The excursion to the Great Wall included views that were well worth the intense hike. The part of the Great Wall that we went to was one of the more difficult parts to climb, but has fewer tourists. There’s a little touristy town at the bottom of the mountain that served visitors food and drinks. Most of us were so exhausted once we reach the top that almost all of us opted to take the cable car down. At the beginning of the program, we met our language buddies and they took us to purchase our daily necessities and gave us a tour around campus. Ours even took a group of us to Nanluoguxiang (drum and bell tower district), which is a traditional street filled with souvenirs and street food. The area used to be the center of the city, before it expanded. The neighborhood has narrow streets that used to be common in Beijing called “hutong”. I had rice-stuffed chicken wings, Peking duck wraps, and this special yogurt desert called “shuangpinai”.

rice stuffed chicken wings, tofu, lamb, and Peking duck wraps

The Great Wall!

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