Research & Publications


My research entails understanding the atmospheres and climate of Earth and Earth-like planets. In the past, I have used several 1-D numerical models to simulate planet structure and atmosphere. Currently, I am working on using 3-D climate models (such as NCAR’s CESM and NASA’s ROCKE) to predict the atmospheric and surface conditions of Earth analogues. In particular, I am investigating how hazes/clouds can effect habitability of Earth or super-Earth sized planets. Studies such as these may both inform our understanding of climate change on our own planet as well as future efforts to search for other planets that may be potentially hospitable for life.

Current collaborators include:

Dr. Daniel E. Horton (advisor, EPS), a climate scientist and expert of climate modeling and atmospheric circulation.

Dr. Sourav Chatterjee (CIERA), an astrophysicist and expert of N-body dynamics.

Dr. Seth A. Jacobson (EPS, CIERA), a planetary scientist and expert of planet formation and cosmochemistry.

Dr. Abraham (Avi) Loeb (CfA-Harvard), an astrophysicist and Chair of the Harvard astronomy department, Director of the Institute for Theory & Computation, and Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Breakthrough Starshot initiative.

More to come, in the meantime, please see my Google Scholar page for a list of my recent publications.