Howard Chen, Northwestern University

Hi there. I am Howard Chen, a first year graduate student at Northwestern University’s Department of Earth & Planetary Science, and associated with the Center for Interdisciplinary Research & Exploration in Astrophysics. Before arriving to NU, I graduated with a B.A in physics at Boston University in May 2016.

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, to a doctor and an ecologist. I spent my childhood in beautiful Burnaby, Vancouver, one of the suburbs in Canada’s West Coast. I moved back to Taiwan in middle school and then came to the US for college, and now for graduate school here at Northwestern.

I am interested in research topics driven by cornerstone questions at the intersection between Earth science, planetary science, and astronomy. I have worked on exoplanet structure and climate modeling of Earth-like planets with such people as Dr. Leslie Rogers and Dr. James Kasting. I was also a part of the IRTF/Cornell exoplanet observational campaign.

Now, I am primarily working with Dr. Daniel Horton on modeling climate of Earth and terrestrials planets around Sun-like Stars.

Please see my Google Scholar page for a list of my recent publications.