Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Elad Harel

Elad joined the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern in 2011.  His PhD in the lab of Alexander Pines at UC Berkeley focused on the development of new methods in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.  He then did his postdoctoral work with Gregory Engel at the University of Chicago.  There,  he developed new methods in nonlinear optical spectroscopy to study energy transfer in complex molecular systems.  At Northwestern, the Harel Lab is applying ideas from magnetic resonance to develop new optical probes to study complex system far from thermal equilibrium.  Short CV available here.



Sunhong Jun Ph.D. KAIST (Daejeon, Korea)


Graduate Students


William Hutson, B.S. University of Chicago

Xinyi Jiang, B.S.  Fudan University

Shawn Zhao, B.S. University of California, Berkeley

Undergraduate Students

Fahad Sarvari B.S. University of Michigan

Former Members

Austin Spencer


Bram Carlson