7/6/17Nature Communications article on six-wave mixing spectroscopy (GAMERS) highlighted in Science.  See the perspective written by Joseph Goodknight and Alan Aspuru-Gusik.

4/18/17 – Theoretical description of GAMERS published in JCP.  Highlight of the work can be found at, ScienceDaily, and AIP.

3/27/17 – Article on imaging excitons in lead halide perovskites using transient absorption microscopy published in Nature Photonics.  Congrats to Sanghee, Boris, and our collaborators in the Kanatzidis group!

3/13/17 – Congratulations to Boris for successful defense of his PhD thesis!  Dr. Spokoyny will be starting his postdoc position at MIT in the group of Professor Bawendi next quarter.

3/10/17 – Article on four-dimensional coherent spectroscopy to probe electronic-vibrational interactions published in Nature Communications.  Congrats to Austin and William!

11/22/16 – We welcome our newest group members, Shawn Zhao from UC Berkeley and Xinyi Jiang from Fudan University!

3/7/16 – Professor Harel has been awarded an Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award.  We would like to thank the Navy for their support!

2/19/16 – Professor Harel has been awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientist and Engineers (PECASE).  We would like to thank the Air Force and the White House for their support!

1/25/16 – Article on using new encoding and detection methods to capture multi-dimensional spectra of complex systems published in Nature Communications.  Congrats to Austin, Boris, and the rest of the team!