Lab Tour

About the Freedman Lab

Our lab space is located in the H wing of the Technological Institute at Northwestern University. The entire laboratory was recently renovated, and consists primarily of two wet chemistry bays that each contain six full sized fume hoods. A range of scientific equipment and instrumentation is housed within or immediately adjacent to the labs, and includes: a Quantum Design MPMS-XL SQUID magnetometer (shared with the group of Prof. Dave Harris), a Mössbauer spectrometer, three gloveboxes (two of which are double boxes), a PANalytical powder X-ray diffractometer, a solvent purification system, an arc melter, tube furnaces, and a host of other common laboratory equipment. The gallery below contains photographs taken around the lab space.

Photo Gallery
PANalytical Empyrean powder X-ray diffractometer.Quantum Design MPMS XL SQUID magnetometer.Student office space.Solvent purification system.One of two double gloveboxes.Specially built fume hood to house up to eight tube furnaces.