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Research Center

Research in the Foundations of Health Research Center at Northwestern University is aimed at exploring the relationship between psychological stress and physical health in both childhood and adulthood, with a particular emphasis on understanding how socioeconomic status (SES) contributes to health disparities.

Our research team, led by Northwestern University Professors Dr. Edith Chen and Dr. Gregory Miller, explores the psychosocial and psychobiological pathways involved in SES and health relationships, with the goal of better understanding health disparities.

Research Team


Edith Chen, PhD | Co-Director | edith.chen@northwestern.edu
Greg Miller, PhD | Co-Director | greg.miller@northwestern.edu


Robin Hayen | Research Project Coordinator | robin.hayen@northwestern.edu
Rebecca Weiland | Research Project Coordinator | rebecca.weiland@northwestern.edu
Adam Leigh | Wet Lab Manager | adam.leigh@northwestern.edu
Paula Ham | Research Technologist | paula.ham@northwestern.edu 
Devika Basu | Research Assistant | dbasu@u.northwestern.edu
Van Le | Research Assistant | van.le@northwestern.edu


Katherine B Ehrlich | katherine.ehrlich@northwestern.edu
Cynthia Levine | cynthia.levine@northwestern.edu 

Graduate Students

Meanne Chan | MeanneChan2015@u.northwestern.edu
Erika Manczak | emanczak@u.northwestern.edu