Study Details

To thank you for your time and commitment to the Family Asthma Study, families have the opportunity to receive $400 total for their participation over the one-year study period if they complete everything that is asked of them.

Click the image below to see the breakdown of what participation involves and details about payment:

  • Initial Lab Visit (~3.5 hours):
    • Parents and children complete interviews about their health and their lives, health measure (e.g. lung function, blood draw, etc) and various computer questionnaires and tasks.
    • Families are paid $160 total for this lab visit
  • Peak Flow Home Monitoring (at the start and end of study)
    • Children collect measures at home of lung function and keep diaries about asthma symptoms for two weeks immediately following their initial lab visit, and then again after the one-year study period.
    • Child is paid up to $100 for completing this measure at two time points
  • Follow-Up Phone Calls (every three months):
    • Parents and children complete four brief 20-minute phone calls with a member of the Family Asthma Study research team to discuss asthma symptoms and any stressors that have come up since the lab visit.
    • Families are paid up to $80 for completing all follow-ups
  • End-of-Study Incentive (at one-year):
    • Parents and children receive an additional payment as a reward for completing everything that was asked of them throughout the one-year study period.
    • Families are paid up to $60 as a bonus for completing the entire study.

Maximum compensation possible (per family): $400