I was featured in the 2015 NOVA documentary “Making North America”, where I discussed how the SPREE team is using seismology to learn about the structure of the Midcontinent Rift.  You can watch “Making North America: Origins” at this link or in the embedded player below.  You can also read a summary of the episode and find related resources here.  The section on the Midcontinent Rift runs from 18:00-24:50; I’m onscreen from 19:44-21:38. (Really, you should watch the full episode and the other two that follow it…they’re awesome!)

EarthScope Chronicles

I was one of the scientists interviewed for the EarthScope Chronicles, a project that shares the work and personal stories of scientists conducting research with EarthScope data.  The videos are targeted at middle or early high school students.  I’m in the “SPREE Overview” and “Meet Emily Wolin” videos.  (Embedding disabled; go check out the link!)

Siting Seismometers in Illinois

In the summer of 2010, I scouted sites for EarthScope Transportable Array seismometers in Illinois.  In the video below, my field partner and I describe how we went door-to-door to find hosts for 21 seismic stations.  Read more about our experience on Northwestern’s news page.

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