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Global seismicity, 2000-2015

Here’s an animation (mp4) of all earthquakes between 2000-2015 with magnitude greater than 4 from the ANSS catalog. The size of the circles are scaled to the magnitude of the earthquake.  New events are white; older events fade from yellow to red to black.  Made with ObsPyGMT, and ffmpeg.

Explosion of Antares rocket

Failed launch on 28 October 2014, 22:22 GMT

An unmanned rocket intended to resupply the International Space Station exploded shortly after launching from Wallops Island, Virginia.  The explosion was recorded at nearby Transportable Array stations, including R61A.  I created some plots of the particle motion showing a nice Rayleigh wave.  Time is relative to the start time of the seismogram (not the event origin time).

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