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27 Sep – Newsweek: Humans may have been responsible for 2017’s catastrophic hurricane season

19 Sep – WBEZ’s Worldview: SkyDay 2018 Teaches all ages to Look Up

13 Sep – Daily Northwestern: Early move in for some students ahead of Hurricane Florence

16 Apr – Fountain Ink: Summer Furnace

1 Mar – Chicago Sun Times: As spring begins, a look back on an average Chicago winter

27 Feb – Toledo Blade: Red flags present in forests of the northeast 

26 Feb – Toledo Blade: Impact of warming seas

23 Feb – Toledo Blade: Natives of Canadian island battle the sea


1 Dec – Northwestern Magazine: Studying extreme weather

20 Sep – WBEZ’s Worldview: The Sky Day Project: A citizen art / citizen science collaboration

11 Sep – WTTW Chicago Tonight: Climate change & infrastructure failings in extreme weather

10 Sep – WGN Radio: Saturday Night Special w/ Amy Guth: Weather and Climate

5 Sep – Reuters: Will Hurricane Harvey inspire pioneering climate lawsuits

7 Aug – NU Business Review: A conversation with climate scientist Daniel Horton

31 May – AGU: AGU’s Outstanding Reviewers of 2016

 1 May – Empower Magazine: From models to Main street

27 Apr – ISEN: Climate change: Measuring its impact on extreme weather

24 Apr – Washington Post: Record breaking climate events shaped by global warming

24 Apr – E&E News: Climate link to large share of extreme events

24 Apr – Mercury News: Extreme weather linked to greenhouse gases, global warming

20 Apr – North by Northwestern: One Book Brings together weather, climate, & policy experts

20 Apr – Daily Northwestern: One Book One Northwestern hosts Panel on Climate

10 Apr – North by Northwestern: Changing cities to adapt to climate change  – by CCRG member Spencer Weiser

 5 Apr – ISEN: Ubben Program for Climate and Carbon Science Founded

 3 Mar – Chicago Magazine: Snowless January & February sign of climate change?

 1 Mar – Chicago Tribune: If you don’t like Chicago’s spring weather…

 8 Feb – Popular Science: Droughts actually make West Nile virus worse

7 Feb – Drought identified as key to severity of West Nile virus epidemics

19 Jan – Popular Science: The weather is weirder, and climate change is the reason why


24 Oct – ISEN: Leveraging big data in the hunt for a climate change signal

17 Oct – Christian Science Monitor: Why some chemical companies join fight against climate change

3 Oct – StateTech Magazine: Cloud services in the face of extreme weather

1 Sep – Stanford News: Extreme-weather winters becoming more common

7 Jun – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Climate, Air Pollution, and Public Health

4 Apr – Washington Post: California’s dry patterns becoming more common

2 Apr – SFGate: California’s drought: Get used to it

26 Jan – In Our Nature: What the “El” is El Niño?


23 Dec – TeachAboutUS: A hopeful moment: Perspectives on COP21 outcomes

15 Dec – ISEN: New Northwestern climate scientist studies impacts, talks COP21

24 Jul – Climate Central: Stagnant summer days on the rise in U.S.

  1 Jul – The Guardian: More evidence that global warming is intensifying extreme weather

29 Jun – Stanford Woods Institute: Isolating the underlying causes of extreme weather

25 Jun – Environmental Research Web: Atmospheric changes boost temperature extremes

25 Jun – Climate Wire: Study pinpoints ‘forces’ behind extreme weather

24 Jun – Climate Central: Extreme temperatures linked to changing air patterns

24 Jun – AP Big Story: Weather patterns that bring heatwaves happening more

24 Jun – Nature Podcast: Interview starts at minute 7

24 Jun – Nature News: Severe weather linked more strongly to global warming

24 Jun – Nature News & Views: The dynamics of temperature extremes

23 Jun – Yale Environment 360: How global warming helped cause India’s catastrophic flood


1 Aug – Nature Climate Change: Nature Climate Change Cover

30 Ju1 – Nature Climate Change News & Views: Quiet weather, polluted air

26 Jun – Pacific Standard: The ugly cycle of air pollution and climate change

25 Jun – City Lab: How climate change will lead to more deadly stagnant-air days

24 Jun – Motherboard: A great stagnation: How climate change will choke our cities with smog

23 Jun – Climate Wire: Cutting pollution saves lives

23 Jun – Scientific American: Future smog looks more persistent

22 Jun – Nature News: Air quality to suffer with global warming

22 Jun – USA Today: What’s up with the wild extremes of weather?

22 Jun – NBC News: Cough, cough: Climate change may worsen air pollution

1 Oct – Climate Central: Climate change’s role in Indian pilgrim deaths


25 Jan – Environmental Research Web: Greater air stagnation could lead to more deaths


21 Dec – Nature Climate Change: Stilling Air

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