Steven M. Demorest

Dr. Steven M. Demorest
Professor-Music Education

PhD-University of Wisconsin

Areas of interest:
Assessment and remediation inaccurate singing
Cultural neuroscience of music
Music cognition
Sight-singing pedagogy

Steven M. Demorest teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in choral music methods, philosophy, research methods, and music cognition. His research interests include the assessment and remediation of inaccurate singing, cultural neuroscience of music, music cognition, and sight-singing pedagogy. Demorest’s recent publications include Choral Music Methods and Materials (second edition) with Barbara Brinson and chapters in Diana Deutsch’s The Psychology of Music (third edition), the Oxford Handbook of Music Education, the MENC Handbook of Research on Music Learning: Volume 1, and Neurosciences and Music IV: Learning and Memory. His research has been published in journals from the cognitive neuroscience, music cognition, and music education fields. He serves on the editorial boards of the Musicae Scientiae, Empirical Musicology Review, Reviews of Research in Human Learning and Music, and the International Journal of Research on Choral Singing. He is a member of the executive committees for the Society for Research in Music Education and the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition.

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