Public Scholarship Project

In this world of fast moving and ubiquitous social media, we realize the important (and social responsibility) that researchers and scholars have to disseminate good quality research in concise and understandable language to the public. In that spirit we learned and worked together on writing public scholarship pieces. In addition, our Musical Experiences Project offers a publically accessible platform to invite dialogue about the varied and vital musical experiences of people.

Recent public scholarship pieces

Berglin, J. (2017, Feb 27).  Don’t reduce transgender rights to bathroom access. Education Week.  

Demorest, S.M. (March, 2017). Stop obsessing over talent—everyone can sing. The Conversation.

Hickey, M.  (2016, Apr 28).  What a well-rounded music education should mean for all students.  Huffington Post.

Hickey, M. (2016, Mar 1).  Why not change the face of music education now?  Truth Out.  

Hickey, M.  (2015, Dec 2).  Music to their ears: How music can reach incarcerated teens and offer hope.  Huffington Post.

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