Dissertations – By Year Published

CSEME Sponsored Dissertations 1990-Present 

Bannerman, Julie
Singing in School Culture: An Ethnographic Case Study of a Secondary Choral Program

Healy, Daniel
The Influence of Technical Proficiency on Clarinet and iPad Improvisation Achievement

Thompson, Jason
The Role of Rap Music Composition in the Experience of Incarceration for African American Youth

Gallo, Donna J.
Professional Development Quality in American Music Education: An Analysis of the 2011-2012 Schools and Staffing Survey

Lansinger Ankney, Kimberly
Master Jazz Teachers’ Noticing and Responses to Students During Improvisation Activities

Jones, Sara
An Exploration of Band Students’ Experiences With Informal Learning

Shaw, Julia
“The Music I Was Meant To Sing”: Adolescent Choral Students’ Perceptions of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Niknafs, Nasim
The Use of Improvisation by K-8 General Music Teachers in Illinois: A Mixed Methods Study

Harnum, Jonathan
The Practice of Practice: A Collective Case Study of How Music Practice is Conceived, Executed, and Learned by Professional Musicians in Four Genres of Music

Webb, Richard
Construction of Musical Understandings: An Exploration of Peer Tutoring in the School Orchestra Program

Jenkins, Jenai
Attitudes and Practices of Urban Music Teachers Toward an Interdisciplinary Approach and their Experiences with Related Professional Development

Elpus, Kenneth
Justifying Music Education: Econometric Analyses of Issues in Music Education Policy

Kelly-McHale, Jacqueline
The Relationship Between Children’s Musical Identities and Music Teacher Beliefs and Practices in an Elementary General Music Classroom

Tobias, Evan
Crossfading and plugging in: Secondary students’ engagement and learning In a songwriting and technology class

Carter, Bruce
A qualitative examination of undergraduate music students’ compositional identity

Fitzpatrick, Kate
A mixed methods portrait of urban instrumental music teaching

Guderian, Lois
Effects of applied music composition and improvisation assignments on sight-reading ability, written music understanding and quality in soprano recorder playing

Jacoby, Marc
iShed: Interactive software for the training of novice jazz improvisers

Peters, Valerie
Collaborative knowledge building of ethnic musical communities in an urban high school: An ethnographic case study

Roberts, Kelly
Participation in musical theater as a vehicle for understanding of interdisciplinary work in the arts, improvement of self-concept, and music achievement among fifth-grade students

Dorfman, Jay
Learning music with technology: The influence of learning style, prior experiences, and two learning conditions on success with a music technology task

Sindberg, Laura
Comprehensive musicianship through performance (CMP) in the lived experience of students

Dobbs, Teryl
Discourse in the band room: How talk shapes teaching, learning, and community

Haston, Warren
Comparison of a visual and an aural approach to beginning wind instrument instruction

Leon-Guerrero, Amanda
An examination of the self-regulation strategies used by adolescent instrumental musicians while practicing

Smith, Janice
Music compositions of upper elementary students created under various conditions of structure

Kang, Grace
Conceptual and empirical evidence for a model of applied music instruction based on cognitive apprenticeship

Lau, Wai Tong
The historical and musical frameworks for developing a curriculum to teach Chinese music literacy

Strand, Katherine
Nurturing young composers: Exploring the relationship between instruction and transfer in 9- to 12-year-old students

Peterson, Eila
The creative dimension of the music listening experience

Larsen, Catherine
Complex silences: Exploring the relationship between teacher change and staff development in the arts

Kaschub, Michele
Sixth-grade student’s descriptions of their individual and collaborative music composition processes and products initiated from prompted and unprompted task structures

McCoy, Peter
Effects of variable task structuring and guided self-reflection on compositional quality, self-assessments, and attitudes of novice student composers

Dura, Marian
The kinesthetic dimension of the music listening experience

Fodor, David
Critical moments of change: A study of the social and musical interactions of precollegiate jazz combos

Berg, Margaret
Social construction of musical experience in two high school chamber music ensembles

Williams, David
Listening while performing: Music listening processes as revealed through verbal reports of wind instrumentalists during rehearsal

Younker, Betty Anne
Thought processes and strategies of eight, eleven, and fourteen-year-old students while engaged in music composition

Bolanis, Susan
Children’s responses to live musical performance by an ensemble without, and then with, pedagogical training

Daignault, Louis
Children’s creative musical thinking within the context of a computer-supported improvisational approach to composition

Kerchner, Jody
Perceptual and affective components of the music listening experience as manifested in children’s verbal, visual, and kinesthetic representations

Lapidaki, Eleni
Consistency of tempo judgments as a measure of time experience in music listening

Tahir, Ramona Mohd
Musical experience from an Islamic perspective: Implications for music education in Malaysia

Hickey, Maud
Qualitative and quantitative relationships between children’s creative musical thinking processes and products

Werpy, Steve
Relationships between selected factors of motivation for participation in high school band and general motivation for musical experience

Amuah, Isaac
Memory for music and its relationship to aspects of musical behavior and environmental and personal factors

Armetta, Anne
Aspects of musical experience of African American and Mexican American choral ensembles with implications for choral music education

Dunn, Robert
Perceptual modalities in music listening among third-grade students (Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory)

Woodford, Paul
Development of a theory of transfer in musical thinking and learning based on John Dewey’s conception of reflective thinking

Bundra, Judy
A study of music listening processes through the verbal reports of school-aged children

Wis, Ramona
Gesture and body movement as physical metaphor to facilitate learning and to enhance musical experience in the choral rehearsal

Zerull, David
The role of musical imagination in the musical listening experience

Wright, Jeffrey
Belief systems and their influence on musical experience

Johnson, Scott Robert
A description of selected aspects of musical experience from the students’ perspective within the context of a secondary orchestra rehearsal: A qualitative case study

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