General Director

Prof. Mayda Velasco, Ph.D. (Physicist), Leader in experimental particle physics, Professor at Northwestern University

Executive Director

Bárbara Algarin (Law Attorney and educator) Based in Chicago. Executive Director of non-profit devoted to tutor adolescence at risk in Math, Match Export.

Outreach Director

Annelisse Molini (Architect and Artist) Based in Puerto Rico. Internationally renowned artist


Board of Directors

Daniel Altschuler, PhD (Astronomer) University of Puerto Rico. Former director of the Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory.


Eric Bou Diaz, PhD (Clinical Pharmacist) Mission Regional Medical Center. Ex Director of Brownsville Hospital, Texas.


John Ellis, PhD (Physicist) King’s College London, UK. Former CERN staff Adviser to the CERN Director General for relations with Non-Member States.


Joseph Incandela, PhD (Physicist) Univ. of California, Santa Barbara. Former CMS spokesperson.


Marta Losada, PhD (Physicist) President of Universidad Antonio Narino, Colombia and former national director of research.


Dwight McBride, PhD (English and African American Studies) Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Provost, Northwestern University.


Patricia McBride, PhD (Physicist) Fermi National Laboratory Head of Particle Physics Division.



Gladys Nieves (Engg.) President, EDP University, Puerto Rico, Inc.



Antonio Pabon (Law attorney) Examiner (Administrative Judge/Official) at Department of Health. Former secretary of the Department of Family Affairs of Puerto Rico.


Fernando Quevedo, PhD (Theoretical Physicist) Cambridge Univ. and Director of International Center for Theoretical Physics Trieste, Italy.


Jose Huerta Rebozo, MD (Medical doctor) President of Bancovida — Stem cell bank.


Carlos A. Rubio, (Architect) Executive Director of Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.


Mayda Velasco, PhD (Physicist) COFI Director, Puerto Rico. Leader in experimental Particle Physics. Northwestern University.


Katepalli R. Sreenivasan, PhD (Aero. Engg.) New York University, Dean of the Polytechnic School of Engineering.


Harry Weerts, PhD (Physicist) Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences and Engineering of Argonne National Laboratory.


Scientific Advisory Board

Carlos A.  Ávila, PhD, Colombia, Universidad de los Andes, Professor of Physics and Engineering.


Gustavo Burdman, PhD, Argentina, University of Sao Paulo Physics Institute, Professor of Physics and Mathematics.


Gladys Escalona, PhD, Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico, Vice president of Research and Technology.


Hilda Colón Plumey, PhD, Puerto Rico, Arecibo Observatory, Special Assistant to the President of the Ana G Mendez University System.


Angel E. García, PhD, Puerto Rico, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Professor of Physics, Bio-computation and Bioinformatics.


Salman Habib, PhD, India, member of the High Energy Physics and Mathematics and Computer Science Divisions at Argonne National Laboratory.


Vicky Kalogera, PhD, Greece, Astrophysics, Northwestern Univ., CIERA Director.



Chia-Ming Kuo, PhD, Taiwan, Exp. Particle Physics, Leader of National Central University Physics Group.


Clara Matteuzzi, PhD, Italy, University of Milan, Professor of Physics, Research Director at INFN.



Ewa Rondio, PhD, Poland, Director of Sultan Institute, Former CERN Associate Director.



Andris Skuja, PhD, Canada, Experimental Physics, University of Maryland.


Sara Solla, PhD, Argentina, Complex Systems and Neural-Networks, Northwestern Univ. Feinberg School of Medicine and Dept. Physics and Astronomy.


Daniel L. Stein, PhD, USA, New York University, Professor of Physics and Mathematics. From 2006-2012 he served as the NYU Dean of Science.


Matias Zaldarriaga, PhD, Argentina, Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies.



2016 COFI Directors for the Summer School in “Advanced Instrumentation and Analysis Techniques”:

Sudir Malik, PhD (Physicist) University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus.

Anne Dabrowski, PhD (Physicist) CERN, Geveva, Switzerland.


Roger Rusack, PhD (Physicist) University of Minnesota, USA

Fellowship Program

Jeffrey Berryman


Scientific Visitors Program

       Dr. Omar G. Miranda Romagnoli, Cinvestav (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional), Mexico