Alexandra Finishes Her Time at Northwestern with CFS

Alexandra WagnerName: Alexandra

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology, Sociology

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Chicago Field Studies has been such a great experience so far and was a really good choice of how to spend my senior spring quarter. CFS has especially prepared me for life in the real world; it has helped me learn about working with coworkers, being accountable, and (as silly as this sounds) sticking to a normal sleep routine so I’m able to function at work all day. Since I’m working full time 3 days out of the week, I think this has been a really nice transition from full time student to full time worker; I get to see how different the working world is from being a student without being thrown into a job full time with no adjustment period. One of my absolute favorite parts of the CFS experience is getting to travel into Chicago every day. I often meet friends in the program after work and we go out to dinner or just explore the city – something I never seemed to have time to do when I was in school in Evanston. This experience has also given me an appreciation for Northwestern and the skills and expectations in my undergraduate classes. The fact that NU has high expectations of its students left me very prepared for the expectations and deadlines of the working world. My undergrad experiences also helped me learn to prioritize – something that is also really important when you’re working on multiple projects at a time. I’m really happy that I chose to do CFS because I’ve gained so much from the experiences that I’ve had already and I can’t wait to learn more!