Kaylee Continues Her Journey at Intuit

Kayley McPheeName: Kaylee

Year: Senior

Major: Art History

CFS Program: Field Studies in Social Justice

As this is my second blog post, I thought I could comment about how my internship has grown over the past three months since my last post. As a refresher, I’ve been at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art since January, and will continue there until June. My internship began with event planning and some general administrative assistance but since then I’ve really expanded my list of responsibilities, beyond anything I could have initially predicted. I now work with education, development, marketing, and operations on a variety of projects, including educational programming, gallery guides, research, and more.

This increase in the breadth and scope of my projects has given me a lot of self-confidence that has assisted me in my job search for post-graduation employment. Far from just resume bullet points, my responsibilities at Intuit have been opportunities for serious growth both professionally and personally. I can tell exactly how much more outgoing I’ve become in the past few months of being an intern, not to mention my improved professional conduct and networking skills. In some ways, just having more experience talking to professionals in the non-profit sphere has been invaluable.

Another point of progress in my internship is the extent to which I now manage projects. When I started I was mostly helping out in small ways, but now I’ve been in charge of things. For example, I planned our participation in Slow Art Day, a day of spending significant time with works of art to promote thoughtful reflection and discussion. I also manage all of the tech support for the museum and I’ve reduced our calls to the contracted tech supplier significantly. Since my growth into this role, the entire office has seen serious improvements in efficiency—huge for a small non-profit organization. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to take the lead on any projects whatsoever, let alone head up an office-wide improvement. I can only anticipate where the next two months will take me!