Nielsen Welcomes Intern Karin


Karin ZhuName: Karin

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology, Philosophy

Minor: Business Institutions Program

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

When I walked into the Nielsen Perishables Group office on the first day of my CFS internship, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know much about the job description beyond glowing reviews from students who had held the same position in previous quarters. As a psychology and philosophy major, I also was not sure that I had the quantitative background to tackle some of the data analytics tasks I was expecting to face. Yet the experience I had in the first few weeks were a very positive surprise to me. The aspect that I appreciated the most was the comprehensive training program that the interns had access to. Although we were only there for ten weeks, we received the same training as full-time hires. This extra effort on the employer’s side really allowed us to understand the firms it’s services and values much better. Everyone on the team was also incredibly friendly, welcoming, and ready to teach us, always giving us the feeling that it is part of their job to help us learn. I have had a few internships before, but I can say with confidence that Nielsen has provided me with the most constructive learning environment so far.

Outside of the internship, I was also able to bond with the fellow students in my class. As part of the Business Field Studies concentration, we all shared an interest in and passion to learn about the business world. Our professor was able to introduce us to theories and concepts that were readily applicable in our internships and facilitated a safe space for candid discussion about the current business culture in the United States.

I would definitely recommend the program to future students, because it allowed me to combine practical work experience with the opportunity to discuss those experiences with a professor. Additionally, being able to learn about other students’ internships and tasks also gave me a clearer picture of the kind of firms I want to pursue future employment at.