Cancer Cell Biology Supergroup

SupergroupThe Cancer Cell Biology Supergroup Meets every other Monday at 10:00am in Pancoe Hall, room 3103.

These are twice-monthly meetings that include the Brickner, Lackner, Weiss, and Wignall labs. All presentations share a focus on cell regulation and membrane trafficking. Here graduate students and postdoctoral fellows alike present their latest research findings in the context of the broader area of cell biology.

2017-2018 Presentation Schedule

Fall Quarter: September 19-December 9

Date Name Lab
October 2nd Tim Mullen Wignall
October 16th Jenni Brace Weiss
October 30th Amanda Davis-Roca Wignall
November 13th Benjamin Parker Weiss
November 27th Mike Sumner Brickner

Winter Quarter: January 8-March 24

Date Name Lab
January 8th Lauren Kraft Lackner
January 29th Carissa Heath Wignall
February 12th Jeremy Hollis Wignall
February 19th Atsushi Satomura Brickner
February 26th WeiTing Chen Lackner
March 12th Ian Wolff Wignall

Spring Quarter: April 3-June 16

Date Name Lab
April 2nd Heidi Schmit Lackner
April 16th Bethany Sump Brickner
May 7th Antoineen White Lackner
May 14th Nikita Divekar Wignall