My research focuses on earthquake hazard maps, how to assess their performance, and ways to improve them. To better understand these maps, I am concurrently pursuing a masters degree in applied statistics with the Statistics Department at Northwestern. My initial work has been geared towards defining metrics to quantify map performance, and applying these metrics to describe map behavior.


Currently, I am teaching myself the hazard map software OpenQuake. With OpenQuake, I will be able to generate my own hazard maps. This will allow me to understand the impacts of uncertainty and parameter weighting. Furthermore, it will provide a way to test different assumptions in the mapmaking process, and allow for performance to be measured by the hazard metrics we have previously defined.

In the past, I have also investigated the spatial distribution of Martian rampart craters. The formation of these craters is tied to the presence of water, ice, and other volatiles beneath the surface. By exploring trends in crater distribution, water location and depth can be constrained.