fireballoonSchedule for the BLAST-TNG 2017 shared-risk observation program:

APRIL 4th 2017: Call for shared risk proposals

JUNE 2nd 2017: Notice of Intent Due.

SEPTEMBER 1st 2017 (6PM EDT) Not before JUNE 20th 2018: Proposal Deadline

OCTOBER 15th 2017 TBD: Proposal Evaluations Released

DECEMBER 2017 Not before DECEMBER, 2018: Launch of BLAST-TNG from McMurdo Station, Antarctica

EARLY 2019 TBD: First-look polarization maps released to shared-risk PIs

LATE 2019 TBD: Science-quality maps released to shared-risk PIs

TWO YEARS AFTER DELIVERY OF SCIENCE QUALITY MAPS: Shared-risk program data becomes public

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